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Certification Program Application Process

Application Process and Materials

Please note the following information and observe the following process carefully when applying to the Certification Program. Applicants will work with their university’s field placement coordinator to arrange an internship at a DCS regional office. DCS regional leadership will review the internship requests and make the final decision about placements. Once locations are identified for the internships, applicants will complete and submit the application materials to the DCS regional office.

Application Materials

1) Complete the Application for the DCS Child Welfare Certification Program.

2) Complete the following forms needed to perform a criminal background check.

Please complete all required documents and submit them to the regional DCS Volunteer Coordinator. Successful completion of all application materials are required to be considered for entry into the Certification Program.

Certification Program students will complete the DCS Internship and be assessed throughout the experience for their readiness to begin as a Case Manager 1 with the department. Students’ internships must be 370 hours to be eligible to receive the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Child Welfare Case Management Certification. Certification Program students may apply with the department 120 days prior to graduation.

This PowerPoint provides step-by-step instructions to apply with DCS:

Contact Information:

Department of Children’s Services
Cordell Hull Building 7th Floor
436 6th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37234
OR scan and email to: