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How to Become a Resource Parent

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Subsidized Permanent Guardianship

The Department of Children's Services maintains several requirements that must be met by persons interested in the foster care program.

Those interested must be able to:
• Give without the expectation of immediate returns
• Have room in your home and in your daily life
• Learn and use proven behavioral management skills
• Love and care for children with problems

Resource Parents can be:
• Single or married
• With or without children of their own
• Employed or not employed, but able to financially meet his/her own needs
• Must be in sufficient good health
• Should be 21 years of age
• Homeowners or renters

Because of the complexity of the critical role resource parents play, DCS carefully assesses all applicants. It also provides the opportunity for prospective resource parents to work with a case manager to assess themselves before they accept the role of resource parent.

DCS provides a 23-hour training pre service program PATH -- Parents As Tender Healers -- to all prospective resource parents. All potential resource parents must provide five references and will be fingerprinted and will have to undergo a complete background check.

Each potential resource parent participates in a home study that assists the department and the families in making decisions regarding the resource home approval process.

If you are interested in becoming a Resource Parent for Tennessee children,
please call 1-877-DCS-KIDS.