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Research Review Committee

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Purpose: The DCS Research Review Committee’s purpose is to ensure that research requests are reviewed, approved and executed in accordance with relevant state and federal laws and regulations and with DCS policy. The policy applies to research requests involving possible use of human subjects and confidential DCS data. The work of the committee is governed by DCS Policy 1.33. The committee is chaired by the Executive Assistant to the Inspector General, with input from committee members and a DCS attorney who advises the committee, with the Commissioner/Commissioner’s Designee having final approval over research requests. .

Public Record Request: Please see the following links below to access aggregate data.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)
Kids Count Data Center
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
TN Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (TCJFCJ)
National data analysis system (NDAS)

Research Request Forms: If you are a researcher with a university, state or federal agency, you will need to complete one of the appropriate forms below. Please email your completed request to Eric Henderson.

Request for Access to Human Subjects CS-0334
Request for Information CS-0541
Research Involving Study of Existing Records or Data CS 0542

Student Research Request:All student request sent to the Research Review Committee via the Research Request Forms should be accompanied by a signature or email attachment of instructor approval of the research request methodology. In addition, the student should attach a copy of his/her university IRB as completely filled out as possible (pending receipt of the university IRB final approval). Data or research information will not be released by DCS, until the university IRB approval has been received.

Students are required to identify the value of his/her research proposal to all system sizes. When discussing the benefits of your research proposal in the research request form, please identify the value of your proposed project to DCS, to the children, to the community, and to the state. Here are some questions to consider when answering these questions:

• Who at DCS would be interested in my research findings?
• What areas of DCS will my research potentially impact?
• How would DCS be able to act upon my research findings?