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Policy Preview

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Department of Children’s Services (DCS) revised/new policies and procedures will be placed on this web site for PREVIEW for fourteen (14) days (or less depending on nature of revisions) for an additional review by staff and other entities prior to implementation. Revised policies will be “marked up” to review detailed revisions.

DELETED information will be displayed as a “strikethrough” and highlighted (e.g., strikethrough); NEW information will be represented in RED. New policies will not contain revision marks.

Directions for submitting comments/suggestions:
Submit your comments/suggestions by clicking on this link:
*Ensure you provide your name and a contact telephone number.
*Identify the policy by number, title, and procedural sections you are submitting comments/suggestions about.

Disclaimer: If your name and contact information are not supplied, your comments and/or suggestions may not be subject to review and consideration.

*Current policies on REVIEW.

1.3 Continuous Quality Improvement-Communication, Meetings, Info Sharing, Policy Dev and Review
Protocol for Communication of Policies and Procedures and Practice-Related Documents: Responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors
1.33 Research, Surveys, Grant Proposals
12.1 Return to Home Placement-Youth Adjudicated Delinquent
Protocol: Planning for Reentry and Aftercare – Youth Development Center (YDC)
15.11 Adoption Assistance
31.17 Child Care Assistance Program