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Chapter 27 Security, Control and
 Protection From Harm

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27.1 Securing Student Rooms at Youth Development Centers (updated 04/15)
27.2 Use of Seclusion (updated 03/08)
27.3 Use of Physical Restraint (updated 03/08)
27.7 Sleeping Accommodations for Youth in YDCs (updated 8/11)
27.9 Fixed Post Assignments (updated 6/14)
27.10 Preventing, Apprehending and Reporting Attempted and Actual Escapes at YDCs (updated 8/11)
27.12 Central Operating Ctr, Perimeter Security, Control of Security Devices at YDCs (updated 8/11)
27.14 Youth Movement, Population Counts and Reporting at Youth Development Centers (updated 8/11)
27.19 Search Procedures for Youth Development Centers (updated 8/11)
27.21 Contraband and Preservation of Physical Evidence (updated 8/11)
27.23 Transporting Youth in YDCs (updated 8/11)
27.24 Visiting Living Units and Activity Areas in YDC (updated 8/11)
27.26 Key and Tool Control in YDC's (updated 8/11)
27.28 Post Orders in YDCs (updated 8/11)
27.32 Investigation of Injury Resulting From Use of Physical Intervention (updated 1/13)
27.33-DOE Monitoring Locked Areas (updated 06/08)
27.34-DOE Physical Intervention (updated 07/09)
27.35-DOE Use of Mechanical Restraints (updated 07/09)
27.36-DOE Use of Chemical Agents (Mace) (updated 07/09)
27.37-DOE Exclusion of Weapons (updated 06/08)
27.38-DOE Youth Supervision (updated 06/08)
27.39-DOE Use of Showers and Restrooms (updated 06/08)
27.40-DOE Youth Belief of Physical Danger (updated 06/08)
27.41-DOE Prohibition of Students in Security Positions (updated 06/08)