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Chapter 20 Health Services

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20.1 Health Services Administration (updated 11/14)
20.2 Health Care Facilities, Staffing and Reporting at Youth Development Centers (updated 11/14)
20.3 Reporting Suspected TennCare Fraud or Fiscal Abuse (updated 10/07)
20.5 Health Care Delivery at Youth Development Centers (updated 11/14)
20.7 TENNderCARE Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis & Treatment Standards (EPSDT) (updated 1/15)
   • 20.7 Attachment Protocol for TENNderCARE EPSDT Standards
20.8 Reproductive Health Education and Services (updated 10/12)
20.9 Court Advocate Program (updated 5/12)
20.12 Dental Services (updated 8/11)
20.15 Medication Administration-Storage and Disposal (updated 7/13)
20.17 Management of Pharmaceuticals-Hazardous Medical Devices (updated 11/14)
20.18 Psychotropic Medication (updated 8/11)
20.19 Communicable Diseases (updated 8/11)
20.20 Guidelines for Managing Children/Youth in DCS Custody Related to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (updated 1/15)
20.22 HIV and AIDS (updated 10/12)
20.24 Informed Consent (updated 8/11)
20.25 Health Information Records and Access (updated 8/11)
20.26 Accident-Injury Reporting (updated 11/14)
20.27 Child Death-Near Death Rapid Response (updated 1/15)
20.28 Child Death-Near Death Review (updated 5/15)
20.29 Systems Analysis Review (updated 5/15)
20.57 End of Life Decisions for Children in Custody/Guardianship (updated 1/10)
20.59 Medication Error Guidelines (updated 10/12)
20.38-DOE Development of Personal Health and Cleanliness (updated 05/08)
20.39-DOE Responsibility of Institutional Medical Services (updated 05/08)
20.40-DOE Medical and Health Care-Classification (updated 05/08)
20.41-DOE Youth Health Care (updated 05/08)
20.42-DOE Emergency Medical and Dental Care (updated 05/08)
20.43-DOE Consent to Medical-Dental Treatment (updated 05/08)
20.44-DOE Standard Medical Operating Procedures (updated 05/08)
20.45-DOE Administering Medication (updated 05/08)
20.46-DOE Medical Examinations for Communicable Diseases (updated 05/08)
20.47-DOE Access of Medical Records (updated 05/08)
20.48-DOE Medical Aids (updated 05/08)
20.49-DOE Medical Information Surrendered Upon Release (updated 05/08)
20.50-DOE Annual Review of Health Services (updated 05/08)
20.51-DOE Licensure of Medical Employees (updated 05/08)
Attachment to 20.19 Communicable Diseases (updated 02/07)
Attachment to 20.22 HIV and AIDS (updated 02/07)
Attachment to 20.8 Reproductive Health Education and Services (updated 07/08)
Information for Women Under 18 who are Pregnant
Protocol for Death of Child-Youth in DCS Custody-Guardianship (updated 02/15)
Additional Information for Medical/Mental HealthCare Family Services, and Community Resources for LGBTI (updated 06/14)
Psychotropic Medication Guidelines
Health Care Consent Guidelines for Youth in DCS Custody
Appendix I Psychotropic Medication Name and Class Values