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Chapter 18 Admin Services and Programs for  Juvenile Justice Facilities

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18.1 Social Services in Youth Dev Centers (updated 10/12)
18.2 Recreation Services, Facilities and Equipment in YDCs (updated 10/12)
18.3 Youth Work Opportunity Programs in Youth Development Centers (updated 7/14)
18.4 Receiving and Documentation of New Youth (updated 8/11)
18.5 Control of Personal Property in YDCs (updated 8/11)
18.7 YDC Superintendent Qualifications, Responsibilities and Tenure (updated 02/11)
Zero-Tolerance Standards and Guidelines for Sexual Abuse Assault, Harassment or Rape Incidents and PREA
(updated 6/14)
Youth with Adult Sentences/Transfers to Adult Criminal Court (updated 4/12)
Substance Abuse Screening For Youth in YDCs (updated 8/11)
18.11 Services for Youth with Identified Substance Abuse Needs at YDCs (updated 7/14)
18.26 Quarterly Reports for YDCs (updated 8/11)
18.27 Use of Adult Inmate Labor at Youth Development Centers (updated 03/08)
18.28 Program Audit Process and Monitoring Inspections for YDCs (updated 8/11)
18.31 Religious Programs/Services for Youth in YDCs (updated 8/11)
18.34 Referral and Placement of Youth in Regional Youth Development Centers (updated 12/14)
18.37 Determinate Commitment Manual (updated 7/14)
18.12-DOE Services For Identified Student Needs (updated 06/08)
18.13-DOE Assessment of IPP-IEP Goals (updated 06/08)
18.14-DOE Program Staffing Team Composition-Responsibilities (updated 06/08)
18.15-DOE Individual Program Plan Status Review (updated 06/08)
18.16-DOE Internal Monitoring of IPP (updated 06/08)
18.17-DOE Programs of Behavior Management (updated 06/08)
18.18-DOE Programmatic Segregation (updated 06/08)
18.19-DOE Youth Handbook and Orientation (updated 0608)
18.20-DOE Notice of Rules of Conduct (updated 06/08)
18.21-DOE Individual Program Plan Manual (updated 06/08)
18.22-DOE Development of IPP-IEP (updated 06/08)
18.23-DOE Composition and Responsibilities of Classification Teams at YDCs (updated 06/08)
Information For Initial Classification (updated 06/08)
18.25-DOE Placement Decisions and Justifications
(updated 06/08)
Protocol Protocol for First Responder Guidelines for Sexual Assaults (updated 08/13)