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Chapter 16 Foster Care

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16.2 Multi Ethnic Placement Act (updated 1/10)
16.3 Desired Characteristics of Resource Parents
(updated 8/14)
16.4 Resource Home Approval
(updated 8/14)
16.7 Resource Family Recruitment and Retention
(updated 9/10)
16.8 Responsibilities of Approved Resource Homes
(updated 10/14)
16.11 Shared Resource Homes
(updated 8/11)
16.12 Release of Dependent/Neglected and Unruly Children/Youth from State Custody
(updated 10/10)
16.16 Denial, Closure or Suspended Admissions of Resource Homes
(updated 9/12)
16.20 Expedited Custodial Placements
(updated 8/14)
16.21 DCS Employees as Resource Parents
(updated 6/14)
16.23 Resource Home Case Files
(updated 6/14)
16.24 Children of Native American Heritage
(updated 1/10)
16.27 Resource Parent Fourteen-Day Removal Notice and Right to Appeal (updated 02/08)
16.29 Resource Home Board Rates (updated 7/14)
16.31 Permanency Planning for Children/Youth in the Department of Children's Services Custody
(updated 6/14)
Protocol for Juvenile Justice Family Permanency Plan (updated 10/14)
Work Aid: Juvenile Justice Family Permanency Plan Quarterly Review (updated 10/14)
Foster Care Review and Quarterly Progress Reports
(updated 2/10) (On Review)
16.33 Permanency Hearings
(updated 6/14)
16.36 Title IV-E Foster Care Funds
(updated 9/14)
16.38 Face-to-Face Visitation with Dependent/Neglected/Unruly Children in DCS
(updated 9/14)
16.39 Subsidized Permanent Guardianship
(updated 9/14)
Work Aid-Subsidized Permanent Guardianship (updated 7/14)
Protocol for AA/SPG when Children Re-enter Care
(updated 1/14)
16.43 Supervised/Unsupervised Visitation Between Child-Youth, Family, Siblings
(updated 1/13)
16.46 Child Youth Referral and Placement
(updated 7/14)
16.48 Conducting Diligent Search
(updated 2/10)
Concurrent Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Title IV-E Foster Care Payments
(updated 7/12)
16.51 Independent Living and Transition Planning
(updated 6/14)
16.52 Extension or Re-establishment of Foster Care for Young Adults
(updated 6/14)
16.53 Eligibility for Independent Living Services
(updated 1/13)
16.59 Disclosure of Legal Options and Available Services for Relative Caregivers
(updated 5/12)
16.8 Responsibilities of Approved Resource Homes
(updated 10/14)
16.8 Attachment 1 Guidelines for Supplemental Respite Care
16.8 Attachment 2 Outings and Overnight Stays
16.8 Attachment 3 Guidelines for Life Story Books
16.8 Attachment 4 Guidelines for Foster Care Associations
Protocol for Continuation of TennCare Eligibility for Children Exiting Custody
(updated 4/10)
16.31 Attachment Planned Permanent Living Arrangement Protocol
(updated 6/14)
16.31 Attachment 2 Instructions for the Custodial Permanency Plan
(updated 7/12)
16.38 Policy Attachment Visitation Protocol
(updated 4/13)
Child and Family Team Meeting Protocol (updated 3/14)
Criteria For Authorizing TennCare
(updated 10/13)
Protocol for Subsidized Permanent Guardianship Case File Contents
(updated 7/12)
Case Closure Protocol for Dependent, Neglected and Unruly Children
(updated 11/09)
Protocol for Re-Activation or Re-Classification of Resource Homes
(updated 6/14)
CFTM Guidelines for Identifying a Permanent Family
(updated 09/08)
Resource Home Eligibility Team (RHET) Protocol
(updated 6/14)
Departmental Resource Home Eligibility (D-RHET) Protocol
(updated 6/14)
Protocol for Requesting a Waiver of Criminal Convictions, PATH Training Modifications, Non-Safety Issues and CPS Indications
(updated 1/11)
Protocol for Subsidized Permanent Guardianship Case Planning
(updated 7/12)
Protocol for Resolution of Disagreements and/or Conflicts Between Resource Parents & DCS
(updated 2/10)
Protocol for Court Exit of Child to Permanent Guardianship (updated 1/13)
Protocol Resource Parent Exit Survey
(updated 9/12)