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2012 Candidate Audits

Below is a list of candidates subject to an audit for the 2012 election.  After the audits are completed and approved by the Registry, each candidate’s name will become a link to a PDF version of the audit.

Full Campaign Audits

Ms. Tonya S. Miller, House District 53

Mr. Jason Potts, House District 53

Mr. Ben Claybaker, House District 53

Representative Jason Powell, House District 53

Mr. James Harrell, House District 96

Representative Stephen McManus, House District 96

Unitemized Contribution Audits

Mr. Kent Calfee, 2nd Quarter Report

Ms. Nancy Fischman, 3rd Quarter Report

Mr. Richard Garvin, 2nd Quarter Report

Representative Brenda Gilmore, 2011 Year-End Supplemental Report

Representative Darren Jernigan, 1st & 2nd Quarter Reports

Mr. Dennis Kiser, Pre-Primary Report

Senator Doug Overbey, 3rd Quarter Report

Representative John Mark Windle, Pre-General Report