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Core to College Curriculum Councils


Eight Councils were formed in partnership with the Department of Education’s CORE Offices using a combination of currently existing P-16 Councils and CORE Service Areas.











1. Northwest 5. Upper Cumberland
2. Southwest 6. Southeast
3. Mid Cumberland 7. East TN
4. South Central 8. First TN


Over the past year, each regional P-16 curriculum council has met multiple times to discuss regional areas of need and develop action plans to address them. Outlined below is an overview of specific regional projects. Click on the links above to learn more about each region’s work.


Highlighted Achievements:



  • Conducted P-16 Skills Gap Analysis
  • Formed Content Alignment Teams
  • Literacy Instruction Crosswalk
  • Secondary Literacy Instruction Position Paper
  • Literacy Intervention Report / Preparation Study
Mid Cumberland
  • Math Instruction/Intervention Crosswalk (in progress)
  • Math Intervention Report (in progress)
South Central
  • Co-teaching Teacher Candidacy Position Paper/Presentations
  • Co-teaching Teacher Candidacy Pilot Study/PD
Upper Cumberland
  • Development of the Upper Cumberland Teachers Council
East TN
  • SAILS English Content Development
  • Formed Accountability, Writing Instruction Alignment, and Teacher Candidate Placement Content Teams
  • Formed Math and English Content Teams
    • Math - CCSS video discussion guide for HE Math Chairs
    • English - CCSS best practices guide



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