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Web Functionality & Access


Internet functionality is categorized in the following groups:

1. Recipient Eligibility Verification
2. Check Payment Inquiry
3. Provider Global Messaging
4. Provider Profile Review


The Web security for interChange (iC) is handled by NIC (the State's Web Portal vendor). TennCare providers obtain their user ID and initial pass code from NIC.

Every 90 days the user will be prompted to change their password. If the user ID account does not have any activity for over a 90 day period, the user account is disabled and contact with NIC is required for reactivation.

Recipient Eligibility Verification

Eligibility inquiries are submitted as secured transactions through the Web site. Inquiries will access the InterChange TCMIS in real time, ensuring that providers receive real-time eligibility information. An eligibility verification request processed through the Web will return MCO and BHO information, an eligibility segment, TPL and Medicare information.

Check Payment Inquiry

Check Payment Inquiry is used to search for check-write information. WEB Users can search by RA number, check number, RA "from" or "to" date. A list of the payment information displays at a summary level. The list provides recent and historical RA number, Check number, RA amount due and RA date - sorted by date.

Provider Messaging

The interChange WEB Portal provides two-way communication between the Providers, TennCare, and approved users. Once the user logs on to the web portal, they are able to use this functionality. The messaging system works like a "hotmail". All messages are stored in the interChange database. Users can send messages to a web user ID, a provider ID or web administrator. For example, a LTC facility can send a message to a physician related to a PAE. The physician can reply with a message to the facility that lets the facility know that the PAE has been reviewed and signed off.

Provider Profile

Providers will be able to view their own basic demographic information for accuracy.

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