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Eligible Hospitals: Stage 1 Meaningful Use Overview

CMS has a developed an answer to a frequently asked question to aid in navigating the reporting periods for dually-eligible and Medicaid only EHs. See FAQ 10826.

To achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use, eligible hospitals (EHs) must successfully attest to meaningful use measures that draw from the use of certified EHR technology (CEHRT). The criteria describe implemented functions of EHR systems as well as the calculation of patient-related data that can be reported by CEHRT.

Familiarity with the meaningful use criteria is fundamental to successful attestation. Achieving the objectives requires prudent planning in the application of EHR technology. The criteria for Stage 1 Meaningful Use are described in three parts: core measures, menu measures, and clinical quality measures. This attestation worksheet provides an excellent walk-through of the measures listed below, and CMS’ Meaningful Use Calculator is a great resource for those hospitals further in the planning process for attestation. Although the worksheet is labeled for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, the measures are the same between Medicare and Medicaid; additionally, the majority of hospitals are dually-eligible and will earn incentives from both programs.

Stage 1 Meaningful Use Criteria for Eligible Hospitals

EHs must attest to numerators, denominators, and exclusions (where applicable) to achieve meaningful use with CEHRT. Learn more about the considerations for these calculations, particularly choosing the appropriate method for determining the patients in the denominator.

EHs must attest to each one of the 11 core measures, though exclusions can be claimed on certain measures.

EHs must choose 5 of 9 menu measures, including one of the three public health measures.

EHs must attest to the 15 clinical quality measures.

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