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Long-Term Services & Supports


Quality Improvement in Long Term Services and Supports or QuILTSS is a TennCare initiative to promote the delivery of high quality Long Term Services and Supports for TennCare members, including Nursing Facility services as well as Home and Community Based Services.  TennCare intends to create a new payment system (aligning payment with quality) for Nursing Facilities and certain Home and Community Based Services based on performance on those measures.  TennCare has partnered with The School of TransformAging at Lipscomb University to provide technical assistance to the QuILTSS initiative. The initial step in QuILTSS has been to gather information and receive input from stakeholders about what performance measures are most important to people who receive these services. The Technical Assistance report, and other important documents, can be found at: The Quality Framework for Nursing Facilities is available here.  The August 5, 2014 memo to NF providers is available here.

Overview Documents

Training Videos
We recommend that you watch all 9 videos consecutively before beginning the submission process. We have separated the training into 9 sections so that you can easily navigate back to information that you may want to review again as you prepare your submission. Links to referenced documents and on-line resources are active only within the PowerPoint slides and not the training videos. The documents and on-line resources referenced in the training videos are also available through this webpage, with the exception of resources that TennCare did not develop.

If you have difficulty viewing the videos listed above, please try the links below which will direct you to the training videos on YouTube.

PowerPoint slides for all training parts

These slides can be printed for easy reference as you complete your submission.  When you view the slides as a Slide Show, they contain live links to all of the documents and online resources that are referenced in the training videos.

If you have difficulty with any of the training materials, please contact the LTSS Call Center at 1-877-224-0219 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday.