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Formation of JECDBs

An important component of PC 1101 is the requirement for counties and their municipalities to form Joint Economic and Community Development Boards (JECDBs). These boards, modeled after board formed in Wilson County, were conceived as providing a mechanism and forum for promoting ongoing cooperation and planning among the local governments in each county. The purpose of these boards is to foster communication among governmental entities, industry, and private citizens on economic and community development.

The composition of these boards is detailed in Section 15 (TCA § 6-58-114) of the Act. The boards must meet at least four times each year, and the executive committee must meet at least four times each year (once in each quarter). TACIR has produced a model that would produce a JECDB that would meet PC 1101 minimum requirements that can be accessed below. It was anticipated that in some counties, existing boards would be utilized to meet this requirement, while in other cases, new boards would need to be formed. When applying for any state grant, a city or county is directed to certify that they have a JECDB meeting the requirements of the act.

The Act provides that a county may seek to use an existing board that is "sufficiently similar," subject to approval by the Local Government Planning Advisory Committee (LGPAC). As an alternative, the county may establish a new board by inter-local agreement. The Act also contains provisions for sanctions by state agencies against counties and municipalities that do not establish JECDBs. All counties and municipalities are to certify that they have such boards in applications for state grants. Those that are not able to do so may not be eligible for state grants.

  • Status of JECDBs by County
  • Characteristics of a Model JECDB