Rules of the
Department of Finance and Administration

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Administrative Division
0620-03-01 Publication of Annual Reports
0620-03-02 Policy and Procedures Regarding the Performance
of Services by a State Employee for a State Agency Other
Than the One By Which They Are Employed
0620-03-03 Repealed
0620-03-04 Distribution of Funds From Hospital Services License Fee
0620-03-05 Qualifications for Certification of Members and Board Members
of Judicial Drug Task Forces Relating to the Investigation and Prosecution
of Drug Cases for the Purpose of State Liability Protection
0620-03-06 Family Violence Shelter Standards

Allocation of Tax Revenues to Assist Economically Distressed Counties

0620-03-08 Repealed
0620-03-09 Repealed
0620-03-10 Access to Public Records of the Department of Finance and Administration
0620-03-11 Disposition of Forfeitures in Child Abuse Cases