Rules of the
Tennessee Department of Agriculture

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Consumer and Industry Services
0080-04-01 Regulations on Meat and Poultry Inspection
0080-04-02 Repealed
0080-04-03 Regulations Relating to Soda Water and Nonalcoholic Beverages; Standard
of Identity; Sanitation Plant Facilities; Labeling
0080-04-04 Regulations on Sulfite Tolerances and Prohibiting Chemicals
0080-04-05 Banned Hazardous Substances-Liquid Drain Openers Containing Sulfuric Acid
0080-04-06 Regulation for Bread and Bakery Products
0080-04-07 Regulations on the Operation of Frozen Food Lockers
0080-04-08 Antifreeze Regulations
0080-04-09 Retail Food Store Sanitation
0080-04-10 Standards for Good Manufacturing Practices
0080-04-11 Regulations for Establishments Utilizing Domestic Kitchen Facilities for Bakery and Other Potentially Non-Hazardous Foods Intended for Sale
0080-04-12 Standards of Identity - Honey