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About Notary Commissions

The Department of State issues and maintains records relating to notary commissions.

How to Become a Notary

  • Obtain and complete an application from your County Clerk's office.
  • Submit the completed application to your County Clerk with the application fee of $12 ($7 for the County Clerk and $5 for the Secretary of State).
  • Be elected by the county legislative body (county commission) in the county in which the applicant, resides or maintains his/her principal place of business at the time of his/her election.
  • Secure a surety bond.  Bonds are available through Tennessee insurance companies/agencies that sell surety bond coverage.
  • Provide proof of the bond to the County Clerk.  Your documents will be submitted to the state.  The Secretary of State’s office will issue the Notary Commission and return it to the County Clerk’s office for you to pick up.    
  • Obtain your Notary seal.  Your County Clerk may be able to assist you.

Complaints About the Conduct of a Notary

  • A Notary is considered a county public official and may be removed from office just as any other county official. Complaints concerning official misconduct should be directed to the appropriate official (such as the County Attorney or the District Attorney General) in the county in which the Notary is elected or in which the alleged misconduct occurred.
  • The County Technical Assistance Service maintains listings for various county officials as part of their Directory of County Officials. or you can view the Tennessee District Attorneys General Directory.

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