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Training Center

283 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 232-2901

The Department of Safety and Homeland Security Training Center serves as the operations hub for the Training Division, Ordnance, CIRT, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), and the Motorcycle Rider Education Program (MREP).

The Training Center is under the tutelage of the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POST) for its commissioned officers, and complies with the standards set forth by the Commission. It is also certified as one of nine accredited law enforcement academies in the state.

Established within the department in 1998, the current Training Center is 35,256 square feet and houses four classrooms, a computer lab, administration offices, dorm rooms, a kitchen and cafeteria, and a shoot house. There are future plans to expand the complex to include three additional classrooms, a gym, a weight room and a new computer lab. The Training Center offers classes to commissioned and non-commissioned employees and plays host for special events, including department promotions and ceremonies.


Numerous State Troopers, officers and civilians from across the country have taken advantage of the diverse training offered at the Training Center. In-Service training is conducted by the Training Division for more than 800 Commissioned members of the Highway Patrol. Every commissioned member is required to attend one 40-hour In-Service each calendar year.

Training courses offered during In-Service consists of Title VI, firearms, death notification and Homeland Security, to name a few. Commissioned and non-commissioned personnel can also take part in specialized classes taught at the Training Center, including basic HazMat, post-crash, dispatcher in-service and fraudulent documents. The Training Center staff is equipped with the knowledge to instruct individuals of all levels on a multitude of lessons throughout the calendar year.

In the past, Northwestern University has conducted its School of Police Staff and Command Class at the department’s Training Center. The classes were taught by instructors from Northwestern with students from across the United States. The department’s Training Division believes in partnering with premiere training programs throughout the country to deliver the best instruction from the Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s Training Center.

For more information or assistance, contact one of the following at 615-232-2901 or by e-mail:

Captain Robert Bighem
Sergeant Steve Sakarapanee
Sergeant Dan Smiley
Sergeant Wesley Stafford
Trooper Krystal Mathis

Trooper Cadet School

Trooper School Trooper School Trooper School Trooper School

The department’s Training Center staff is also charged with the task of organizing the Trooper Cadet Schools, as well as training and preparing the cadets for life as a member of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. If selected, the cadets are required to stay on campus throughout the 20 week academy where they will receive over 800 hours of instruction with topics ranging from human relations to patrol procedures to the criminal justice systems. The recruits then advance to a minimum of 10 weeks of field training. Throughout the intense five-month training, a high priority is also placed on discipline, professionalism, and integrity.

The most recent graduating class is Cadet Class 614.New icon

Click the link for more information on the Trooper Cadet School training curriculum.

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Ordnance is responsible for all activities pertaining to firearms for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security. This unit maintains records on all departmental firearms and places state numbers on all firearms in departmental inventory. Ordnance repairs departmental weapons as needed, maintains and destroys seized weapons, and keeps corresponding seizure records obtained by the department as a result of confiscation or criminal prosecution. The staff also generates the required specifications for all the department’s weapons and ammunition and evaluates and tests gun holsters and ballistic vests.

Throughout the year, Ordnance conducts qualification activities during THP In-Service training and organizes specialized schools for the Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act (LEOSA). The Ordnance staff training also includes moving and shooting, as well as shooting from inside a vehicle.

For more information or assistance, contact one of the following at 615-232-2901 or by e-mail:

Lieutenant Ken House
Sergeant Russell Miller

Education and Training Services


The Training Center also employs a Communications Coordinator who acts as lead on all matters pertaining to THP dispatchers. This person also is in charge of the development, implementation, and training instruction for dispatch personnel and instructs commissioned personnel on the use of the I-Mobile software on their Mobile Data Terminals. In addition, the Communications Coordinator sets standards on entering information into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to ensure that correct information is gathered and disseminated. The Communications Coordinator also represents the Department on all issues relating to the Tennessee Information Enforcement System (TIES) terminal and its use.

For more information or assistance, contact Communications Coordinator Melody Land.