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Going the Extra Mile: TDOS Employees Doing More

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It's easy to miss the well done jobs of those who operate with such consistent excellence unless you take the time to notice. Here you'll find out about employees of the Tennessee Department of Safety making a difference in the lives of others through the words of those receiving that help or the supervisors of the employees providing it.



Officer Harvey, Above and Beyond

I would like to pass along a word of thanks and appreciation to Officer Harvey. I have a mother who is bi-polar and not coping well since the death of my father. She has been seeing physicians of course but due to changes in medicines, she has reactions and then medicines not working as they should. We have currently been dealing with one such medicine change which has resulted in confusion of details and paranoia. This morning, after 4, my mother left the house driving assuming she was supposed to meet me. This was not the case. She saw Officer Harvey at Publix on East Brained Rd. and asked him to borrow his phone because she was worried I didn’t show. He was so very kind and nice to my mother, he called me and I explained her bi-polar issues. He waited with her in the parking lot until I could get there from East Ridge. He went out of his way to follow me to her house and then drive me back to get her car. Again I just wanted to pass along some appreciation for someone who went above and beyond to make a situation that could have been bad, easy and comforting to a stressed out mother and daughter.

Jennifer Goldberg


Thanks to Trooper Jones for His Assistance

Dear Captain Christian:

The purpose of this letter is to thank Trooper David Jones for his help to Gwen on September 7, 2012. Following a doctor’s appointment near I-75 in Chattanooga, my wife, Gwen apparently became disoriented and started driving north instead of south. I asked the Chattanooga PD for help in locating Gwen and they initially located her cell phone going north but she did not answer attempts to talk on her cell phone. At approximately 6:30 EST, I heard through the Chattanooga Police Department that a Highway Patrol Trooper had found Gwen on the side of I-40 headed west and that she was being taken to the nearest facility for medical care. In the early evening of September 8, Gwen had a pacemaker implanted and is apparently healing nicely.

Bill Flemming


Trooper Stuart Commended for His Dedication to Duty

Colonel Trott,

I am writing this letter to recognize the excellent police of Trooper Cory Stuart. In the early morning hours of Friday, October 26, 2012, Trooper Stuart stopped a tractor trailer at the scales eastbound on I-24 in Manchester, TN. During the stop, Trooper Stuart became suspicious and investigated further, ultimately discovering that the trailer and its contents of T-Mobile cell phones, had been stolen during the evening hours of October 25 in Indiana. The suspect fled on foot but with the assistance of other state, county and local officers, the suspect was finally arrested and lodged in the Coffee County jail. Trooper Stuart, through his dedication to duty and keen instincts, is responsible for the recovery of the trailer and 1.2 million dollars of cargo that NFI Industries brokered to be delivered to our distribution center in Elwood, IL. I commend Trooper Stuart for his professionalism and dedication to duty for his actions in this case. As a retired member of the New Jersey State Police, I am proud to say that your trooper had upheld the finest traditions of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and troopers across this nation.

Richard Tesauro,
VP of Security, NFI Industries


Expression of Gratitude to THP Officers and Dispatch

THP Officers and Dispatch:

On behalf of the Tennessee Department of Corrections and the Administration and Transportation staff at Morgan County Correctional Complex I, I would like to express our gratitude for your assistance in hauling twelve (12) Level IV maximum security inmates from Nashville on October 22nd. As always, the safety of the general public is our primary concern when transporting convicted felons. Again, I would like to thank you for assisting us in this endeavor and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you and stay safe.

Sgt. Sharon Houston,
Transportation Supervisor


Helpful Law Enforcement Officer in Trooper Parker

Dear Captain McGill,

It is with much pleasure that I offer you this letter of commendation regarding one of your officers, Trooper Terry Parker, #928. While driving west bound on I-24 between Chattanooga and Nashville, I ran out of gas and was left stranded half way up the mountain, three miles between exits. After calling the Monteagle Police Department, I was happy to see Trooper Parker drive up within 10 minutes of my call. I would like you to know that Trooper Parker spent the next 50 minutes getting me back on my way to Nashville! He took me to the nearest gas station where I was able to purchase a gas can. He then drove me back to my vehicle, assisted me in getting my car started and then escorted me to the gas station to make sure everything was “good to go!” Trooper Parker is the most professional and helpful law enforcement officer that I have ever met. I hope you will recognize and reward his good actions!

David Diponzio


Thanks to Lt. Boshears and Trooper Keith Stout

Dear Captain Sanders,

I want to thank you for allowing Lt. Don Boshears and Sr. Trp. Keith Stout to demonstrate the roll over truck at our Kidz Fest this past Wednesday. It was a hit and was informative. After one demonstration, I heard a child telling another child, “That’s what happens when you don't wear your seatbelt.” So the demonstration achieved its purpose. I also want to comment to you Lt. Boshears and Sr. Trp. Stout. They were very cordial and professional and are great assets to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. It was also beneficial for the people in attendance, and especially the children, to be exposed-up-close and personal with these troopers. They did the uniform proud. Thanks again for allowing these troopers and this demonstration to be a part of our Kidz Fest. I hope we can work it out to do it again next year.

Yours By His Mercy,
Paul Lloyd, Pastor,
Grace Community Church


Appreciated Everything Sgt. Monneyham

Dear Sgt. Monneyham,

We want to say thank you so much for helping our daughter Ally, when she had a tire blowout in Bristol, TN a few weeks ago. Being five hours away was so scary for us. We were so thankful that a family friend happened to be going through Bristol at the very same time to be with Ally and that you came to her rescue! They both told us how you directed them to the safer side of the interstate and changed her tire. We appreciate EVERYTHING you did for her so much. I know that you would just say you were doing your job — BUT it meant so much more to our family!

Brad, Marty and Ally Cagle


Grateful for Exceptional Service

May 26, 2013

Captain Hutcherson,


I am writing to express my gratitude to one of your finest officers, Sergeant Adam Grinder who came to my rescue recently. On Saturday, May 25, my family was travelling from Murfreesboro to Nashville after attending a marriage reaffirmation and reception when the right front tire of my family's vehicle blew close to the Smyrna exit at about 8:20p.m. A few minutes after I called 911, Sgt. Adam Grinder arrived on the scene while l was on the phone with a representative of my insurance company's Roadside Assistance Program. Since I did not know the exact location of where I was on 1-24 West, Sergeant Grinder spoke with the insurance rep. and provided the needed information.

He also offered to take my family to a safe location and await the arrival of the tow truck which was scheduled to arrive in 45-60 minutes. Because of my height (6' 4"), I could not fit in the back seat of the cruiser with my wife and daughter; Sergeant Grinder decided to take my wife and daughter to McDonald's in Smyrna by Exit 70 on Almaville Road while I waited in the disabled vehicle. He came back to get me for the 3-5 mile ride to join my family. That was the first time my family has ridden in a Highway Patrol cruiser!

My family finally left McDonald's with our vehicle at about 1:35 a.m. after the tow truck driver replaced the damaged tire with the emergency tire.

Sergeant Grinder was swift in his service; additionally, he was friendly, professional, and extremely kind to us, especially to my 11-year-old daughter who complimented him for his attractive professional hat. Sergeant Grinder represented your department and the state of Tennessee very well on that night, and my family is grateful to him and your department for such an exceptional service.

Congratulations on having such an outstanding officer on your staff. Please thank him for me for providing such a compassionate service to a stranded family. May God bless him and protect him as he serves humanity.

Dr. Eldo Osaitile and family


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