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Restricted License Information

Failure to Establish Financial Responsibility Following an Accident or Final Judgment on an Accident

  • Submit letter from employer requesting restricted license and that individual will be driving company vehicles on the job.
  • Submit SR-22 form from the employer's insurance company filed in the name of employer and on behalf of the person (employee) applying for the restricted.
  • Submit required restoration fee.
  • The above items must be submitted at a Reinstatement Office for approval of the restricted to be issued.

Approval letter presented along with $67 driver license fee for Class “D.” Must pass driver license examination.

Duplicate Restricted Driver License

  • If changing resident address or place/hours or other restrictions of employment, must obtain a new order from the court listing the correct information or if restricted is for frequent traffic violations then must complete new Driver Improvement Application and be approved.
  • Present new order or form at Driver License Station along with appropriate duplicate driver license fee ($8 or $12).

If license lost, must present copy of court order or approved form at Driver License Station and pay appropriate duplicate driver license fee.