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Rules of Ignition Interlock Device Program
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The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security is a staunch advocate of strong D.U.I. enforcement and highway safety. In a continuing effort to save lives, the Department is taking steps to ensure that Tennessee’s Ignition Interlock Program is effective and operating efficiently.

An ignition interlock is an alcohol detection device that is installed on a motor vehicle and analyzes breath samples of the driver. The device prevents an alcohol-impaired person from starting the vehicle and requires random retests be submitted during operation of the vehicle.

Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 55-10-412 is the current statute mandating the requirements of the ignition interlock usage in Tennessee. If a person is required by their local court or by the Department of Safety & Homeland Security to equip their vehicle(s) with an interlock device, they can visit one of the Department of Safety & Homeland Security’s certified ignition interlock providers to have a device installed.