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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 4

Where do I pay for a ticket I received?

Answer: Fines and costs for tickets must be paid to the court in the city, or county where issued.

If you have a Tennessee driver license and are paying these fees late, then the court may have already notified our department to suspend your driving privileges for failure to pay or appear in court on the violation. In addition to paying the fines and costs, a reinstatement fee may be owed to our department. If you are paying late or do not know the court, then contact our department at 1-866-903-7357 for further information to avoid the suspension of your driving privileges, or to get the requirements needed for reinstatement.

If you have a driver license issued from another state, and have received a notice of proposed suspension from your state's driver license office, you should contact the licensing authorities in your home state.

Failure to pay fines and costs or failure to appear in court on minor violations issued in Tennessee is automatically sent from the courts to the state issuing the driver license. Our department would not have the information.

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