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Alternative Commercial Enforcement Strategies

About ACES

No Zone TrailerEnforcement alone could not accomplish our commercial vehicle highway safety goals. There must be education of the industry and a "buy in" or partnership with the highest organizational level of the trucking industry. The A.C.E.S. program was formed to educate safety directors, maintenance professionals and drivers in the necessary compliance with laws and regulations.

It was realized that emphasis on safety must come from the very top level of the trucking organizations and companies before the awareness and emphasis would be observed at the driver level. The A.C.E.S. program performs many functions, but its main priority is education of all interested parties.

A.C.E.S. Officers provide the following services:

  • Complete educational contacts to the motor carrier at no cost to the carrier. Provide assistance to the motor carrier in problem compliance areas (drug testing, medical qualifications of drivers, hours of service, vehicle maintenance, etc.)
  • Assist clerical personnel with record keeping requirements, driver files and maintenance files.
  • Assist carriers with questions concerning hazardous materials, weight requirements, over dimensional movements, registration of vehicles, and International Fuel Tax Laws.
  • Liaison between industry and private sector.
  • Conduct programs for civic groups concerning the "NO-ZONE" program, and other safety issues concerning commercial vehicles.
  • Education at school systems concerning the "NO-ZONE" and "Share the Road" programs.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Programs (ACES)
Officers by District

Special Programs District map District 1, Knoxville District 2, Chattanooga District 3, Nashville District 4, Memphis District 5, Fall Branch District 6, Cookeville District 7, Lawrenceburg District 8, Jackson

Note: To see an enlarged view, click on one of the eight districts shown above.

District 1 Knoxville
Lt. Don Boshears

District 2 Chattanooga
Lt. John Harmon

District 3 Nashville
Lt. Teddy Douglas

District 4 Memphis
Lt. William Hopkins
District 5 Fall Branch                           
Lt. Rick Garrison

District 6 Cookeville
Lt. Jimmy Neal

District 7 Lawrenceburg
Lt. Christina Faulkner

District 8 Jackson
Lt. Brad Wilbanks