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Frequently Asked Question - Tax Fraud

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1. Can I remain anonymous if I call to report someone for tax fraud?
Yes. You do not have to give your name, phone number or any identifying information. It may be helpful for the agent to be able to contact the person reporting the fraud if they need more details; however, this information is not required.

2. Is there a reward for reporting someone?
The Department of Revenue currently does not have a reward program for reporting tax fraud. However, please consider the fact that the person committing the crime is not only stealing from the state of Tennessee, but in effect from you, too.

3. If I provide you my name and number, can I receive periodic updates on the investigation?
No. The rules of confidentiality prevent the department from releasing this information.

4. How long will it take before something is done?
This will vary depending on the information provided, the nature of the fraud and the current work load of our agents. All fraud reports will be numbered and have an internal report generated, usually within 24-hours. A manager will then review the report and determine any further steps. Further steps may include referring to other Revenue divisions and/or other state, federal or local agencies. Once reported to Special Investigations, the rules of confidentiality prevent the department from releasing any other details about the case.

5. Where do most tips of alleged tax fraud come from?
Employees, consumers, law enforcement agencies, family members and other government entities.

6. How do I report tax fraud and tax violations in the state of Tennessee?
Call (800) FRAUDTX or (800) 372-8389. Or, click here for more information on reporting tax fraud and tax violations.