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Helpful Hints for Tax Rate Lookups

Below are some suggestions to help you retrieve your tax rate information using the Department of Revenue's jurisdictional database.

  • Tax rate lookups should be performed using either street address and city name OR street address and ZIP Code.
  • Addresses for U.S. and state highways or state routes should be entered in the format shown in the following examples:
    • US Hwy 412
    • State Hwy 45
    • State route 79
  • Addresses should not include any of the following:
    • Apartment numbers or abbreviations, such as Apt.
    • Suite numbers or abbreviations
    • Rural route numbers or abbreviations, such as RR
    • P.O. Box numbers
    • Building names, numbers, or abbreviations, such as Bldg.
    • General delivery
  • Jurisdictional database inquiries may return multiple addresses, each with a given score from 70-100. The score is an indication of matching accuracy. The higher the score, the closer the match.