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File Using an Approved Software Vendor

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Please follow the steps below to obtain clearance for electronic filing through an approved software vendor.

Do you still have questions?
For additional assistance, please call the Electronic Commerce Hot Line at:
Statewide toll-free: (866) 368-6374
Nashville-area and out-of-state: (615) 253-0704
Hours of operation are 7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

1. Select a Software Vendor

To begin, you must first select the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software vendor from whom you will obtain the software that will be used to file the electronic return.

2. Contact the Vendor

Once a vendor has been selected, you will need to contact the vendor and arrange to use the vendor's software. At this time, you will also need to determine if you will file your return and payment at the same time using the vendor's software of if you will file the return only and establish a separate EFT Payment Arrangement.

3. Complete an EFT Payment Agreement

Regardless of which payment option you choose, you must complete an EFT Payment Agreement and submit the agreement to the Department of Revenue. The agreement may be faxed to the Electronic Commerce Unit at (615) 532-2299.

4. Register for an Online Account

Once the vendor has been selected, you can register for an online account by using the Sales Tax EDI Program. This will establish your user name and password for future transactions. An EDI Procedures Instruction Booklet is also available on our website for additional information and instructions.

5. File Your Returns

You are now ready to file your returns through your selected vendor.