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professional geologists licensing Program

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Read the 2014 Legislative Update Report for the Professional Geologists Licensing Program here.


Is Your License Suspended?
If your license is suspended due to delinquent student loan payments or child support click here to learn more.

Notification Options Are Now Available!

You can now get notifications from your licensing board or commission related to the following:

New or Amended Statutes - New or Updated Rules

Changes to Fees - Rulemaking Hearings related to Fees

Significant Changes Impacting Your License - Changes to Policies

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  • Online Renewal Now Available! Click here to renew online.

  • The March 6, 2015 ASBOG exam will be held in Conference Room  4-A of the Davy Crockett Tower, 500 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN 37243.

  • YOU CANNOT ORDER THE EXAM WITHOUT THE PRIOR AUTHORIZATION OF THIS BOARD. Once your application has been approved by this office, we will send you an ASBOG Candidate Request Form that you must complete and mail with your appropriate examination payment directly to ASBOG. Remember that you must have prior authorization from this Board to sit for the examination, no exceptions.

    Further, ASBOG must receive the completed Geology Examination Candidate Request form and examination fee payment no later than 5:00 pm (Eastern time), January 20, 2015. If ASBOG does not physically receive that form and fee payment by that time and date, you will not be allowed to order the exam.


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Donna Moulder
Donna Moulder



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The purpose of the Tennessee Professional Geologists Licensing Program is to ensure that only qualified persons are licensed to practice geology in Tennessee, thereby benefiting the safety, health, and property of the people of this state and promoting the public welfare.

For more information about this Division, Contact Donna Moulder.