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Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers / Burial Services

Applying for a funeral Establishment License


Each person desiring to obtain an establishment license shall submit to the Board a completed establishment application and a non-refundable application fee of $575.00. The application must show the name of the establishment, the owner's name (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, etc.) and who the manager will be. The establishment must have a fixed place of business devoted to the care and preparation of dead human bodies. The manager is required to be a licensed funeral director that is in charge of each such place of business. The application must contain a list of names and addresses for all employees designating whether they are licensed as a funeral director and/or embalmer or unlicensed assistant and designating whether they are full-time or part-time employees.


If the establishment is a corporation or limited liability company, a copy of the charter and a list of the officers/partners designating their title must be submitted to the Board.


The Board must receive a letter of approval from the local zoning authority which shall include at minimum the following information: 1) the specific activity for which the location is approved, such as "funeral home", "crematory", etc. and 2) parking space availability required for the location, or a statement indicating that the zoning authority has no requirements with respect to parking. Additionally, the Board must have a letter from the appropriate authority indicating that the proposed establishment is properly connected to sewer services or in the case of a location without available sewer service, a letter from the proper authority indicating that the septic system is in proper working order and approved for the intended use.


When all of the above documents have been submitted, a field representative from the Board will conduct an on-site inspection. At the time of the inspection a copy of the firm's general price list, casket price list, outer burial price list and statement of funeral goods and services selected must be available.