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Board of Cosmetology and BARBER EXAMINERS

Licensure Requirements - Special Notes


All Licensees


Failure to remit fees by expiration date will result in a penalty fee being assessed. All penalties are strictly enforced and are never waived.


Active Licenses


The renewal form will include the renewal fee


Inactive Licenses (Instructors ONLY)


The renewal form includes the renewal fee. The licensee must remit that amount.


Failure To Complete Renewal Requirements


If the LICENSEE fails to complete ALL requirements for renewal, the license will expire. PERSONS who continue to act in any capacity in the cosmetology field will be subject to disciplinary action. THE ABILITY TO REINSTATE AN EXPIRED LICENSE DOES NOT ALLOW A PERSON TO CONTINUE TO ACT AS A LICENSEE WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE. Please contact the COSMETOLOGY BOARD office for specific reinstatement policy provisions.


If you need additonal information, please contact the COSMETOLOGY BOARD office. However, no verbal statement made by a member of the board office staff should be interpreted as an exception or waiver of these instructions and policies.






Active/Inactive License


How do I retire my license?


You will need to submit: (1) the current active license, (2) a statement requesting to retire the license and giving your current mailing address, and (3) a $10 fee.  Upon receipt of these three (3) items, the board will send you a retired inactive license certificate.  The holder of a retired inactive license certificate shall not practice in any of the areas for which the license was issued until the license has been reactivated. 


How do I reactivate my retired license?


If you are 65 years of age or older, you may active your retired license by submitting to the board office: (1) proof of your age and (2) a fee which is the same as the renewal fee for the license to be reactivated.

If you are under 65 years of age, in order to activate your retired license, you must first take and pass the practical and law portions of the examination for the license and second, pay a fee which is the same as the renewal fee for the license to be reactivated.


Please note: only individuals over age 65 are exempt from re-testing when reactivating a retired license.