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STATE Board of Cosmetology

Mailing Address:

StateBoard of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners

500 James Robertson Pkwy

Nashville, TN 37243



Phone: 615-741-2515

Toll Free: 800-480-9285

Fax: 615-741-1310


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Contact Information
Executive Director Roxana Gumucio 615-532-7081
Office Manager/Complaint Coordinator

Jon Lillard 615-532-7305
Administrative Assistant/Licensing of Shops Betty Demonbreum 615-532-7219
Renewals Joyce Stanton 615-253-1293
Reciprocity - Licensed in another State Katherine Morrison 615-532-7295
New Licensing Tomika Blake 615-532-7080
Schools Caleb Darnell 615-532-6997
Assistance with Vietnamese language needs Huy Vu 615-532-7289