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Board for Licensing Contractors

Contracting License Step 8


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The staff will process your license to be issued after approval by the Board meeting.  You will be mailed a license certificate which will have your license ID number, classification, expiration date (this is the same information required to be on the outside of a bid envelope!) and also your license monetary limit. You may check the status of the license issuance at:  License Search. For tips on searching licenses, see "License Search Tips".


The license is issued for two years. Renewals are mailed 90 days prior to expiration date; required to be renewed 30 days prior to expiration.


Contractors may apply for a license revision in order to make changes. Such as, change the mode of operation; increase their licensed monetary limit; add a classification; add or remove their Qualifying Agent; or may retire the license if they are not working and want to cancel insurance. This information is availalbe on the "Forms Download" section on the web.


Due to changing laws, please review our website for updates.

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