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Board for Licensing Contractors

Contracting License Step 4


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Tennessee Secretary of State


The Secretary of State’s office may be contacted at (615) 741-2286 or visit their web site at:


  • Tennessee corporations must submit a copy of their Charter and proof showing they have registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office.
  • Out-of State corporations must register as a foreign corporation and submit a copy of their Charter, along with a copy of their Certificate of Authority showing they have registered their charter (we may accept a copy of their application stamped "FILED" from the Tennessee Secretary of State's office in order to meet the 20th deadline).
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC) must submit a copy of their Articles of Organization, and proof showing they have registered/filed with Tennessee Secretary of State, including out of state entities.
  • Limited Partnerships must register with the Secretary of State.
  • Exemption Registry for Workers' Compensation as a "Construction Services Provider" requires registration with another section of the Secretary of State's office.
  • At renewal time, your status must be "Active" in order to renew. If dissolved, you will need to apply for a license "Revision" to change the mode of operation (requires a new financial statement and approval by the Board). If you change the name of a registered entity with the Secretary of State, you must also request a license "Revision" to amend the contractor's license, prior to operating in the new name or mode of operation.



Check with the Board's roster of licensed contractors to ensure the name on the license is available at:  Effective July 1, 2014, the name on the license cannot be similiar to another licensed entity.  Make sure your entity is filed in the same name as the financial statement. The contractor's license is issued in the legal name and mode of operation exactly as on the financial statement. Bidding and contracts must be in the exact name as licensed, as well.


DBA (Doing Business As)

If your entity is in a name with a "DBA", this will need to be included on the certificate obtained from the Secretary of State and on the financial statement, exactly as on the form. For example, if the entity is wanting to go by, "John Doe DBA Doe's Quality Construction, LLC", this whole name must be on ALL documents; contracts must be in the name as licensed and could not be prepared as "Doe's Quality Construction, LLC" or "John Doe".)



Contact the Department of Revenue for obtaining a local Business tax license for each city or county where you plan to perform work. If needed, you may contact the IRS for a Federal Employee ID # (EID/FEIN).


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