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Board for Licensing Contractors

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Public Meetings Agendas and Minutes

2015 Agendas

2015 Minutes

January 21-22, 2015

February 25, 2015

  • Formal Hearing w/ALJ

Not Applicable


March 24-25, 2015

May 19-20, 2015


July 28-29, 2015

September 29-30, 2015



November 17-18, 2015

January 7, 2015

  • Formal Hearing w/ALJ - CANCELED

*Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  The Board will not be in attendance (not a regularly scheduled meeting)


January 9, 2015 - CANCELED (eff. 12/30/14)

  • Summary Suspension Hearing
    • Dennis & Co., G.C. LLC

January 14, 2015

*ALJ - Administrative Law Judge in lieu of Board.

Not Applicable

2014 (Past Schedule)

(September - November)

9/10/2014 - *Formal Hearing w/ALJ

    • Ben Miller - Miller Enterprises
    • Tennessee Home Improvement - Shane Helmker
    • CJP Construction - John Cass
    • Bee Jay Carpenter

    1:00 p.m. (CT) - Room 6-A


*Continued - October 15, 2014


09/24/2014 - Board Meeting (Knoxville)

09/24/2014 - Board Meeting Minutes


10/15/2014 - Formal Hearing w/*ALJ

  • Ben Miller - Miller Enterprises
  • Tennessee Home Improvement - Shane Helmker
  • CJP Construction - John Cass


*Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  The Board will not be in attendance (not a regularly scheduled meeting)


10/22/2014 - Formal Hearing w/*ALJ

  • Scott Bowman (Canceled)


*Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). 


11/5/2014 - Formal Hearing w/*ALJ

  • Michael Hurt / USA Concrete
  • Kevin Sharpton - Sharpton Painting (Continued)
  • Ed Jolley / Jolley Construction (Continued)


*Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  The Board will not be in attendance (not a regularly scheduled meeting)


11/12/14 - Formal Hearing w/ALJ

  • Robert Lee dba Lee Air Service


*Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  The Board will not be in attendance (not a regularly scheduled meeting)


11/18/2014 Board Meeting (Nashville)

11/19/2014 - Formal Hearings

  • Hayes Herron
  • Cotham Construction




12/17/14 - Formal Hearing w/*ALJ

  • David Hernandez
  • Jeremiah Totherow


9:00 a.m., Conf. Rm 6-A


*Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  The Board will not be in attendance (not a regularly scheduled meeting)


12/19/14 - Formal Hearing w/ALJ

  • Kevin Sharpton

    3:00 p.m.

2013 Agendas

2013 Minutes

01/29/2013 - Board Meeting

  • 01/30/2013 - Formal Hearings
    • Steve Collins
    • Marcus Gibbs
    • Billy Walls


01/30/13(FH-Steve Collins)

01/30/13(FH-Marcus Gibbs)

01/30/13(FH-Billy Walls)

03/26/2013 - Board Meeting


*04/02/2013- Formal Hearing w/ ALJ

  • Winston Garner dba Garner Remodeling & Landscaping
  • Robert Tarquin dba County Roofing
  • Frederick Spight dba Quality Construction
  • Briain Recknagel dba Recknagel Restoration
  • Bill Blanton - Statewide Roofing LLC dba Blanton Roofing


*05/14/2013 - Formal Hearing w/ALJ - Canceled


05/21/2013 - Board Meeting

  • 05/22/2013 - Sunset Hearing at Legislative Plaza


*07/02/2013 - Formal Hearings

  • Jonathan Rolen/Darrell Clark dba C & C Construction
  • Kermit Whitlow - S & K Paving and Concrete
  • Homer Chaney dba Atlas Handy
  • Chris Seale - The Home Craftsman Network


07/30-31/2013 - Board Meetings

  • 07/30/2013
  • 07/31/2013
    • Formal Hearings with Board
      • John Carlton - Destiny Enterprises, LLC
      • Gregory Baker - Junebug Construction



*08/13/2013 - Formal Hearing w/ ALJ

  • Tim Bowerman/Bowerman Roof Repair - Oak Ridge


*09/03/2013 -Formal Hearing w/ALJ

  • Masterbilt Roofing, LLC

***Canceled - Settled by Consent Order***


*09/17/2013 - Formal Hearing w/ALJ

  • Fortress Construction/Charles Mike Saulsbury - Morristown


9/24/2013 - Board Meeting


*10/01/2013 - Formal Hearing w/ ALJ

  • Eddie Hines dba H & H Construction
  • Jimmy Acito dba Heritage Builders - Kingsport
  • Josh Beasley/Mid Americal Roofing - Cordova
  • Ray Walker dba All-N-One / ABC - Memphis
  • Ernest Breeden/Breeden Home Improvement - Knoxville


10/15/2013 - Formal Hearing w/ALJ

  • Canceled
11/19/2013 - Board Meeting



*12/10/2013 - Formal Hearing w/ALJ

(Continuance from 10/15/13)

  • All Pro Electrical / Christopher Kennedy
  • Parkers Interior / Michael Parker
  • Jim DiSalvo - Continued (2/12/14)
  • Kenneth Kee/Kee's Construction - Continued (2/12/14)



*Formal Hearings with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in lieu of Board Members; not considered a regularly scheduled meeting.


Dates and locations are tentative until the agenda is posted. Please check with the Board office at 1-800-544-7693 or review the agenda for final schedule. § T.C.A 62-6-109 and Rule 0680-1-.02 requires the Board to meet six (6) times annually; at least once in each grand division of the State. All meetings are open to the public. To have items placed on the agenda for Board discussion, please submit a request in writing. Formal hearings are held in accordance to the provisions of the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, Title 4, Chapter 5; T.C.A.§§§ 62-6-109; 62-6-111, 62-6-118, 120 and Rule 0680-1-.02. Statutes may be found under the "Law and Rules" on the resources section of the board's website. Any respondent scheduled for a "formal" hearing has the right to be represented by their attorney.


Board meetings are open to the public, however, open complaint cases are presented anonymously to the Board by the Legal section. Parties of the complaint (consumer/complainant and contractor/respondent) are not identified or notified to attend the meeting. In the case of a "Formal Hearing", complaintant parties may be notified by the Legal Section to attend if testimony is needed as a witness. Contractors or the Respondent, will be served with a notice of hearing and charges, and advised to appear with their attorney. Formal Hearings are also posted on the Administrative Law Judge schedule of the Secretary of State's website.


Any disciplinary action taken at the Board's meeting will be published once the case is closed, and listed on the "Monthly Disciplinary Action" of the Department's site. Parties involved with a complaint case will be notified of the Board action after the case is closed by the Legal Section. Cases pending after being authorized for a Formal Hearing or Agreed Consent Order, will remain open and specifics of the cases are not released as public information. More information relative to the complaint process is available at "Consumer Resources".


Special meetings held for public necessity may be conducted pursuant T.C.A. § 8-44-108; T.C.A. § 62-6-109(c); and Rule 0680-1-.03, after giving advanced public notice. Electronic participation by the Board may be necessary.


Deadline Date to Submit Applications for Board Review:

  • New Licenses: 20th of the month prior to the next board meeting
    • Contractors; Home Improvement; and LLE or LLP reinstatements with requests for exam waivers or felony convictions
  • Revisions for License Upgrades: Last day of the month prior to next board meeting.
  • Hardship requests may have the deadline date waived.


For example, if the next meeting is Tuesday, May 22, 2012; the deadline date for us to receive your application for Board review would be April 20th. Revision requests (increases, add classes, mode changes, etc.,)would be due in the office by April 30th. (Note: LLE and LLP applications are not reviewed by the Board unless there are felony, judgements, request for exam waiver or complaints.) See TCA § 62-6-111 and Rule 0680-1-.02 of the "Law and Rules" for additional information on deadline dates. For those failing to meet the deadline date provision, you may qualify for a special or emergency review for a hardship consideration.


Past meeting minutes are available upon request by contacting the staff. Audio of meetings may be available from the "Calendar" site, for meetings held at the Board office in Nashville


Electronic Participation

Board meetings will be conducted by permitting participation of the members by electronic means of communication, if necessary.  Any member participation by electronic means shall be audible to the public at the location specified above.


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ADA Compliance

Any individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in these proceedings should contact the Department of Commerce and Insurance to discuss any auxiliary aids of services needed to facilitate such participation.The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance is committed to principles of equal access and affirmation action. Contact us for the EEO or ADA Coordinator at (615) 741-8307 or by email at:


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