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Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners

Change of Address or Employer Requirements


Rule 0120-1-.27 of the Board states that a registrant or applicant for registration shall notify the Board in writing within 30 days of any change in mailing address.


Reporting address changes (home address and place of employment address) is your personal responsibility.

  • Individuals submitting address changes, should include the following information:
    • Name
    • Profession
    • License Number
    • Firm/Employer
    • Home Address and/or Place of Employment Address (Note which is your preferred mailing address.)
    • City, State, Zip
    • Phone Numbers (include area code) for Home and Office
    • E-Mail Address (work/home or both)
    • Fax Number (include area code and, as applicable, indicate which number is for the home fax machine and which number is for the office fax machine)
    • If you are changing you Place of Employment Address, were you in responsible charge at your previous place of employment?
  • Firms submitting an address change (Tennessee Code Annotated 62-2-601), should include the following information.
    • Name of Firm
    • Type of Practice (Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural)
    • Mailing Address
    • City, State, Zip
    • Phone Number (include area code)
    • Fax Number (include area code)
    • Web Site Address

Click Here to submit any address change.