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Behavioral Health Safety Net of Tennessee

Office of Behavioral Health Safety Net of Tennessee (BHSN of TN)

In an effort to help Tennesseans with serious mental illness who lack behavioral health insurance coverage, TDMHSAS collaborates with community mental health agencies across the state to provide vital services, helping people with serious mental illness lead functional and productive lives.

TDMHSAS encourages uninsured Tennesseans with severe mental illness to register with a participating community mental health agency so that they can receive key services including assessment, evaluation, diagnostic, therapeutic intervention, case management, peer support services, psychosocial rehabilitation services, psychiatric medication management, labs related to medication management, and pharmacy assistance and coordination.

Behavioral Health Safety Net of Tennessee ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:

  • Be determined ineligible for TennCare or have completed a TennCare application; and

  • Do not have private health insurance, or the private health insurance lacks mental health coverage, or all mental health benefits under the private health insurance have been exhausted as determined by the Provider in consultation with the service recipient; and

  • As of September 1, 2013, individuals who have Medicare Part B and meet all other eligibility requirements for the BHSN of TN may be enrolled. Additionally, any BHSN of TN service recipient sixty five (65) years of age or older will be treated as having Medicare Part B, even if they are not receiving Medicare Part B. These two groups are eligible only for the four (4) approved services: Case Management; Medication Training and Support; Peer Support and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services.

  • Additionally, if an individual is enrolled in Medicare Part B, and has chosen a Medicare Advantage Plan, they may also be enrolled in the BHSN of TN if they meet all other eligibility requirements of the BHSN of TN, provided the Advantage Plan doesn't cover the four (4) approved services above or the benefits have been exhausted for the year; and

  • Do not have behavioral health benefits through the Veteran's Administration; and

  • Be a U.S. Citizen, or qualified alien (see definition of qualified alien in Appendix I in the BHSN of TN manual); and

  • Be a resident of Tennessee; and

  • Be diagnosed with a qualifying mental health diagnosis (please refer to BHSN of TN ICD9 Eligibility Diagnosis Codes document in Appendix III in the BHSN of TN manual); and

  • Have a household income at or below 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL); and

  • Be nineteen years of age or older; and

  • Not be in an inpatient facility, such as an inpatient psychiatric (sub-acute) hospital or nursing home; and

  • Not be an inmate or not be incarcerated.

For a list of providers where you can apply for the Behavioral Health Safety Net of TN, click here.

For a list of the 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines, click here.

For the Behavioral Health Safety Net of TN Manual, click here.

For the NEW Safety Net flyer - including important facts regarding the BHSN of TN and how to apply, click here.

For information on pharmacy assistance visit Cover Rx and Cover TN at:

For clients in need of housing services visit:

SOAR info:

For Employment assistance, visit:

For consumer peer support, see listing of peer support centers at:

For general inquiries of a consumer advocacy nature, please contact the TDMH Office of Consumer Affairs at:

If you need to confirm a client's TennCare status please call TPAL at: 1-800-758-1638.

For general inquiries about all other available resources, please contact the local county DHS office; a listing of local DHS offices can be found at:

To find out what services your client might qualify for, visit:

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