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Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I attend the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA)?

There are two (2) ways to attend TLETA:


Be already employed as a full time (twenty hours or more a week) commissioned law enforcement officer.


Our policy is to allow, on a space-available basis, attendance by fourth-year criminal justice majors of accredited colleges and universities whose course curriculum is recognized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, the Tennessee Board of Regents or University of Tennessee system for transfer credit hours.  These students are sponsored by the chair of their criminal justice department and the fee is the higher actual cost published on the website.  Prospective recruits have to submit all of the usual pre-employment documentation along with their application, so that would require additional expenses for a medical and psychological examination, TBI/FBI background check, as well as liability and medical insurance.  In addition, “space available” means already employed officers take priority and most of the time there is a waiting list for academy enrollment.



How do I get my transcript?

Contact Kimberly Moss via fax - (615) 741-3366 - or e-mail - - with the following information:


full name
date of birth
last four (4) digits of your social security number
date of your basic police school
phone number in case we need to contact you
the address where you want the transcript mailed


How do I get assistance regarding a legal problem? How do I get legal advice?
TLETA is not a law firm and cannot give legal advice. If you need legal assistance, here is a resource for you to use:




What are the graduation dates of the Basic Police Schools?




March 14 (for school starting January 5)

May 23 (for school starting March 16)

August 1 (for school starting May 25)

October 10 (for school starting August 3)

December 19 (for school starting October 12)

All graduations are held on Friday and all begin at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.




Can you send me information on attending the Academy?

We do not mail, fax or e-mail informational material regarding the Academy. If, after reviewing this website, you have additional questions, please contact Kim Moss at (615) 741-4448 or