Bar Examination Schedule

The Exam days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

For elements of a complete application, click the “How to Apply” tab.

Application submission opens October 1, 2014

Applicants to the Bar of Tennessee are responsible for ensuring that all documents are submitted to the Board of Law Examiners in a timely manner. Applicants may be notified by the Board that there is a deficiency in the file; however, such notification is a courtesy. Failure of the Board to notify an applicant of a deficiency does not entitle the Applicant to an extension of time to submit the required documentation. A complete application for timely filing consists of all documentation included in the TN supplemental application, including NCBE Application, current resume, letters of recommendation, evidence of foreign education and prior licensing documentation if required. Undergraduate transcripts and law degree verification forms must be received by our office by the final deadline or an applicant may be denied the opportunity to sit for the exam.