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Tennessee Automated Payment Card

Safeguarding Your Tennessee Automated Payment Card

Memorize your unemployment insurance (UI) and Chase Bank (Chase) personal identification numbers (PIN), and keep them confidential. The PIN you use for your UI claim is different than the PIN you use for your Tennessee Automated Payment (TAP) Card. Representatives from the UI Program or Chase will not ask you to disclose your UI or TAP Card PIN, so remember:

  1. Never give your UI or TAP Card PIN to anyone.
  2. Do not write the UI or TAP Card PIN on your TAP Card.
  3. Avoid carrying the UI or TAP Card PIN with you.
  4. If you forget your TAP Card PIN, contact Chase Customer Service at 1-866-429-9835 (toll free) for assistance.
  5. Protect your TAP Card as you would credit cards or cash.
  6. Minimize the time spent at an automated teller machine (ATM) by having your TAP Card ready.
  7. Do not fall for "con" games. Do not give out any information about your account number, expiration date, PIN, or account balance to anyone who calls you on the telephone. If anyone approaches you and asks you to withdraw money for any reason, leave the area at once and notify local police and Chase Customer Service at 1-866-429-9835 (toll free).
  8. Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings before, during, and after your use of an ATM; defer transactions if circumstances cause you to be apprehensive for your safety. If anyone follows you after you leave an ATM, go immediately to a heavily populated, well-lighted area and call the police.
  9. Be aware that, in spite of security measures, access to the ATM facility is sometimes obtained by persons who are not authorized cardholders. Close the entry door completely upon entering and exiting an ATM facility. Do not permit entrance to the facility by any unknown person at any time after regular banking hours.
  10. Remember to remove your TAP Card from the ATM and place withdrawn cash securely upon your person before exiting an ATM facility. Do not carry money in open view or in night deposit bags that are obvious targets.
  11. Stand between the ATM and anyone waiting to use the ATM so others cannot see your Chase PIN or the transaction amount. Always take your receipts so that you can check them against your monthly statements or transaction records. If your transaction was not completed, be sure to cancel the transaction prior to leaving the ATM.
  12. When using a drive-up ATM, be sure it is well lighted. Be sure all windows except the driver's are closed and doors locked.
  13. If you need emergency assistance because of criminal activity or a medical emergency, call 911 at the nearest telephone.

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