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Tennessee Automated Payment Card

Fee Information

ATM Cash Withdrawal    2 free per month   $.40 each thereafter
ATM Balance Inquiries     Free  
Customer Service - Phone 4 free calls per month  $.25 each thereafter
Online Banking Services
available at
     - Bill Pay  *Note:  The online BillPay service is strictly between JPM and the claimant.
     - Transfer from card to
       personal checking/savings
     - Statements    
     - Enroll in Deposit
       Notification Alerts 
     - Card Balance and
       Transaction History
Some ATM owners and operators may charge an additional fee per transaction, called a surcharge.  There are no surcharges at Chase or MoneyPass ATMs.

Using a TAP debit card can be both convenient and save money compared to the time and expense of cashing paper checks. Cash withdrawals are free at any Visa Member bank teller window and allow you to withdraw your entire weekly benefits deposit. If you have an existing bank account, take your TAP Card to your personal bank and ask that the balance be transferred to your personal checking or savings account (make sure your bank has a Visa logo displayed to ensure you don't incur a fee). At Point of Sale (POS) transactions, you can ask for "credit" or "debit."

Remember ATM use charges a transaction fee (see above). Additionally, if you use an ATM other than a MoneyPass ATM, you may be charged a surcharge fee by the bank or entity that owns the ATM. For a complete listing of MoneyPass locations, visit

MoneyPass and Chase ATM surcharge messages will appear even though they are surcharge-free. Accept the surcharge if you want to make the transaction. You WILL NOT be charged the surcharge amount as long as you're using a surcharge-free ATM.  

You can use your debit card anywhere that accepts the Visa card, however, when making purchases, please remember you can use it as a credit card or debit card.  You may not use your card for PAY AT THE PUMP.

If you wish to check your balance you may contact Chase up to four times a month at no charge, after that it will charge a fee of $.25 a call. You may access your account information for free at Please make sure funds are available before trying to use your card so no fees are incurred

If you feel you were charged an unexpected transaction fee, call Chase Customer Service at 1-866-429-9835 for assistance.

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