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VPP STAR Program

The Volunteer STAR is patterned after the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and recognizes the best of the best in the area of safety and health programming and performance. Qualified candidates must demonstrate that they have performed in a manner that is below the national average for injury and illness rates in their industrial classification. They must also have all of the critical safety and health management system components in place and involve their employees in a manner that ensures total involvement in safety and health issues.

On average the Tennessee Volunteer STAR sites experience three-year Total Case Incident Rates (TCIR) 69.4% below their industry average and three-year Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Case Rates (DART) 72.1% below their industry average.

A certificate of recognition is awarded to the STAR recipient, as is a flag that can be flown at the site. The company is also permitted to use the Volunteer STAR logo on their correspondence and company documents. This recognition program includes an exemption from TOSHA Compliance programmed inspections for three years. This can be extended by successful continuation of the program requirements. The links below will provide you with an understanding of the Volunteer STAR Program and help you determine your site's eligibility.

An Overview of VPP


Will My Program Qualify - A Self Assessment Checklist

What to Expect from the On-site Review

Current Tennessee STAR Sites

Have Questions?
Contact David Blessman, Star Program Manager at (615) 253-6890 or via e-mail at for more information regarding the STAR programs or to obtain an application package.



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