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Wage Regulations Act

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The Wage Regulations Act protects wage earners from unfair practices regarding pay. Also, this Act protects employees from sex discrimination in relation to wages and requires employers to pay each employee (regardless of their sex) the same wages for jobs requiring comparable skills. Violation of this law requires the employer to increase the salary of the lower paid employee to eliminate the inequality.

Each employee must have a thirty (30) minute unpaid rest break or meal period if scheduled to work six (6) hours consecutively, except in workplace environments that by the nature of business provide for ample opportunity to rest or take an appropriate break. Such break shall not be scheduled during or before the first hour of scheduled work activity.

The Wage Regulations Act has a section pertaining to penalties for violation of these laws that give the department the option to proceed either civilly or criminally.

You may contact the Department of Labor and Workforce Development's Division of Labor Standards by calling 615-741-2858.

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