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Water heater boiler inspection procedure checklist

Boiler checks are recommended by ASME Code Section IV and adopted by the state of Tennessee

Note: Log these checks. These boiler checks are recommended as a minimum and are not all inclusive. Additional checks may need to be made depending on the type, size, previous maintenance history, age and condition of the plant. All plants should be operated in a safe, prudent and attentive manner.



  • Observe operating pressures and temperatures
  • Observe general conditions
  • Determine cause of unusual noise or conditions
  • Record in log



  • Observe condition of flame
  • Check fuel-oil supply
  • Observe operation of circulating pumps



  • Safety relief valve lift lever test
  • Test flame detection devices
  • Test limit controls
  • Test operating controls
  • Inspect fuel supply systems
  • Test low-water cut off


Every five years:

  • Internal inspection after cleaning


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