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The Appeals Process

Telephone Hearings

Most appeals hearings are scheduled by telephone for your convenience. All parties are thereby able to participate by conference call. As with in-person hearings, the proceedings are recorded and testimony is taken under oath or affirmation.  Be prepared to testify about the issue(s ) stated on the notice of hearing. You will be allowed to question or “cross examine” the testimony offered by the opposing party and the hearing officer will also ask questions.

With a telephone hearing, your hearing officer may be located in another part of the state. Please make specific note of whether your hearing is scheduled for Central or Eastern Time. If the telephone number listed for you on the hearing notice is incorrect, contact the Appeals Tribunal immediately by fax to (615)741-8933 or by email to AT.Changes@TN.Gov, but in no event later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.  In an emergency situation, a change of telephone number may be received up to one hour before the scheduled time shown on the hearing notice; however, there is no guarantee that late filed contact information will be received by the hearing officer prior to the hearing.

If you have documents to offer as evidence for the hearing, you must send a complete copy to the opposing party and to the Appeals Tribunal at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the hearing. Prior submission of documents to the Agency during the initial claims process does not satisfy this requirement.   The pages of any documents submitted must be numbered.  If you wish to subpoena a witness or a document, you must send a fax or written statement to the Appeals Tribunal no less than seven days prior to the scheduled time for the hearing. You must state why the witness or document is important to your case along with the name and complete address of the witness or person holding the document.

On the day of the hearing, the Appeals hearing officer will call the telephone number listed under your name on the hearing notice at the scheduled time and you must be ready to participate. Have your telephone line free at that time and have any witnesses or documents you require for the hearing with you at that time. Plan to conference the witnesses into the telephone call on your own. If you are unable to do so, you must submit complete contact information for any witnesses (name, address, telephone number) to the Appeals Tribunal no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the hearing. It is your responsibility to have your witnesses ready for the hearing.  Please be in a location so as to minimize any background noise or distractions. Due to inconsistent service quality, the use of cell phones is discouraged. If you do not receive your expected call within ten minutes after the time scheduled for the hearing, call the Appeals Tribunal at once.  Failing to respond to the hearing officer’s call could result in a decision that is adverse to you.