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Financial Affairs Section - Mark Jaquish - Director - (615) 741-1633 This section regulates the financial and operational condition of life, property and casualty, title, faternal, surplus lines companies, health maintenance organizations, governmental entity pools, self insurance groups, risk retention groups, risk purhcasing groups, third-party administrators, charitable gift annuities, professional employer organizations, preferred provider organizations, prescription drug discount plan operators, licensed or registered in Tennessee. This section is also responsible for the collection of premium taxes.


Insurance Examination Section - Joy Little - Director - (615) 741-6796 The section performs examinations of life, property and casualty and title companies, as well as health maintenance organizations, governmental entity pools, self insured groups, and risk retention groups domiciled in Tennessee. The duties and responsibilities of this section encompass examining company records including but not limited to the financial statements, bylaws, charter, contracts, agreements, conflict of interest, investment activities, dividends and distributions, market conduct activities, and producing an examination report that addresses the company's compliance with state laws, rules and regulations.



Policy Analysis Sections - Brian Hoffmeister - Director


Life and Health Unit - 1-800-861-1270 or (615) 741-2825 This unit reviews life, health, and credit life, long-term care, disability and legal insurance policy rates, rules and forms filed by licensed companies, to determine compliance with Tennessee statutes. It also handles annual certifications from utilization review agents, issues regarding independent external review organizations, and answers questions about all life and health issues.


John Duncan, Property and Casualty Manager - (615) 532-0693. This unit reviews personal and commercial property and casualty policy rates, rules and forms filed by licensed companies to determine compliance with Tennessee statutes. It also reviews vehicle protection products warranty programs for compliance with Tennessee Law and answers questions about all property and casualty insurance matters.


Mike Shinnick, Workers Compensation Manager - (615) 741-0472. This unit reviews rates, rules and form filings associated with Workers' Compensation insurance. It also oversees the administration of Tennessee Workers Compensation Insurance Plan (assigned risk pool) and answers questions about workers' compensation insurance and takes inquiries from persons aggrieved by the application of workers' compensation rating systems.




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