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Captive Insurance

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Mission and Information

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    Forming a Captive Insurance Company helps increase control and reduce costs.


    Businesses confront risk every day. That's why captive insurance is becoming a mainstream risk management tool.


    Captive insurance offers a wide variety of flexible tools to help you gain control over risk management issues and reduce your costs. Tennessee's new captive legislation, its unique centrally located geographic location and a Department of Commerce and Insurance dedicated to making the state a "best in class" makes for a winning combination worthy of consideration.


    Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or just beginning the process -- we are ready to help.


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Michael Corbett, Director
Michael A. Corbett




Contact Info

Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance


Captive Insurance Section

500 James Robertson Parkway

Nashville, TN 37243

(615) 741-3805 Main Line

(855) 809-0069 Toll Free

Michael A. Corbett,

Director Captive Insurance Section

(615) 741-6253


Robert J. Ribe, CPA, CFE

Financial Affairs Manager

(615) 741-5072


Merredith M. Mooth, CPA, ACI, APIR

Insurance Examiner

(615) 741-8173


Jennifer D. Stalvey, CPA, ACI

Insurance Examiner

(615) 770-0438


Cathy G. Thomas, CPA

Insurance Examiner

(615) 770-3847


Benjamin A. Whitehouse, ACI

Assistant General Counsel

(615) 741-2616




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