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Rules and Regulations

Stayed or Withdrawn

A stay of the effective date of rules is a procedure undertaken by the agency to delay the effective date of rules which are already on file with the Secretary of State and awaiting the completion of the 90 day period before they become effective. The Stay is only effective for 60 days. After its expiration, any time remaining in the 90 day notice period which was remaining at the time the stay was filed will resume until the rules become effective.

Withdrawal of a stay of rules is a procedure in which the agency files a notice with the SOS which withdraws the Stay and lets the remaining time in the 90 day period, which was halted by the stay, begin to run so that the rules can become effective before the stay otherwise expires by operation of law.

Withdrawal of rules is a withdrawal and voiding of the rules on file with the Secretary of State and must be done before the rules become effective. Emergency rules cannot be withdrawn, but can be amended.


Currently, there are not rules scheduled for review by the Government Operations Committee.


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