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Rules and Regulations

Proposed Rules

Proposed rules are used primarily for the promulgation of very routine changes to the rules that make minor changes deemed not to be of significant interest to the public or which may make typographical changes or which correct matters of a routine nature due to clerical errors.

If no petition for rulemaking is filed within the thirty (30) days of the actual date the Proposed rules are published in the Tennessee Administrative Register (TAR), the rule would then become effective seventy-five (75) days from the end of the thirty (30) day period for filing the petition for rulemaking. If an effective petition for rulemaking is filed, then the effective date is voided and the process would have to start over with a Notice of Rulemaking hearing being filed and the holding of public hearings on the proposed Rulemaking Hearing rules. The rules would then be promulgated and filed as “Rulemaking Hearing Rules” and become effective seventy-five days from their filing with the Secretary of State.

Currently no Proposed Rules are pending.

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