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Appeals and Hearings

This Division receives appeals and conducts fair hearings for applicants and clients who believe they did not receive the services and/or benefits from the Department of Human Services to which they are entitled. The division handles appeals for all programs administered by the Department of Human Services, including eligibility for TennCare/Medicaid, Food Stamp, Families First, Child Support and Vocational Rehabilitation cases. The Division of Appeals and Hearings strives to timely resolve appeals while ensuring due process and maintaining the highest quality of communication possible.

To file an appeal by telephone call: 1-866-311-4287

Toll Free Number for Information: 1-866-322-5638
Fax number: 1-866-355-6136
TTY: 1-800-270-1349

TennCare Medical Benefits Appeal Information

Appeal form (Families First, Food Stamps, Medicaid/TennCare)
English Version
Spanish Version

Child Support Appeal Form

Vocational Rehabilitation Appeal Form (VR also provides an optional initial Informal Administrative Review to appeal a decision. This review can be requested through your counselor or their supervisor.The Administrative Review is not a required prerequisite to a fair hearing request.)
Summer Food Service Program Appeal Procedure


Clerk's Office
The Division of Appeals and Hearings has recently created a Clerk’s Office.  The Clerk’s Office is a neutral entity that performs many of the administrative functions associated with the appeals process.  As a convenience factor, any documents that need to be filed with the Department in association with an appeal can be emailed to the address below.  Examples include petitions or information one may ask to be entered into evidence in an upcoming hearing.  The information will be attached to the appeal in ARTS and the appropriate person will be notified to take action.  When submitting material to the Clerk’s Office e-mail address, please be sure to include the name of the client and the ARTS tracking number if possible.