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Families First Highlights and Services

  • Child only cases - This is a special category of exemptions. When a child lives with a relative who is not their parent, the adult may choose to be excluded from the case. When the parent(s) collect SSI, they are also excluded from the case.
  • Work, training, and personal responsibility - These are the guiding principles of the program. Adult family members must work or engage in training and educational activity for up to 30 hours a week. A personal responsibility plan is developed for each individual which details how they will work toward self-sufficiency. The plan also requires that children stay in school, get regular health checks, and are current on their immunizations.
  • Non-compliance with Personal Responsibility Plan- Participants must comply with the plan that they developed with DHS. Failure to comply without good cause could affect the participant’s eligibility to access program services and cash benefits.