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Age and School Attendance




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1.      There is no requirement regarding age for Food Stamp eligibility purposes.


2.      There are other eligibility requirements in which age is a related factor. See Manual sections on Resources, Work Registration, Household Concept and Income.


3.      At any time that a factor of eligibility is questionable, verification of the applicantís/recipientís statement is to be requested. Guides for acceptable age verification for Food Stamp purposes are:


a)      Birth certificates or birth certificate information (This should be available on every child born in Tennessee after 1914.);

b)     Delayed birth certificate;

c)      Hospital birth records or records of the physician or mid-wife in attendance at the personís birth;

d)     Baptismal certificate;

e)      School records which show the personís age or date of birth;

f)       Insurance policies which show the personís age or date of birth;

g)      Census Bureau Records; or

h)     Unaltered family Bible records.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents